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Pubbelly Sushi: Tasty, Creative Food at a Good Value in a Welcoming Pub Setting

As the downsizing of America affects everything from airplane seats to candy bars, companies have been doing their best to shift attention away from the diminished dimensions. The food world, however, has embraced the trend toward less. Indeed, small-plate menus are proudly touted as cred for being in lockstep with the tastes of contemporary diners.Read More

Pubbelly Sushi cool and adventurous

Sushi fans who scoff at cream cheese in their rolls should stop reading now. Pubbelly Sushi, the second outpost of the funky Pubbelly empire in South Beach’s Sunset Harbor neighborhood, is not for purists.

I’m up for anything, from horse meatballs in Puglia to fried scorpions in Beijing, but if anyone had told me I’d be ordering — and enjoying — burrata cheese with raw fish, I’d surely have rolled my eyes. Read More

Sip & Chow: Pubbelly Sushi

If you’re ever in South Beach Miami and have a craving for Sushi be sure to check out Pubbelly Sushi. This place is really good and specialize in bringing you a very unique and tasty experience. Not your average sushi spot, you won’t find your traditional California rolls or Spicy Tuna….instead you’ll find house names such as Rockshrimp or American Kobe Beef rolls. Read More